Allison Ireland – American Civilians Being Targeted with Neuroweapons (Targeted Individuals)


Dangerous neurotechnology is being used to hack, control, and torture innocent people around the world. This is a factual statement. You probably, or may not believe this right now, but my hope is by the conclusion of this lecture this evening you might be more convinced.

I want you to imagine a world where people sit behind computers with security clearances and listen to your most personal thoughts, spy on your most private moments, and actually control your mind and body.

This is not science fiction.

This is reality.

We would like to talk to you tonight about a program, a program of gaslighting, where the aim is to discredit the target to make them look crazy, and have them even question their own sanity. All free of fingerprints, and sets a perfect plausible deniability for the perpetrators committing this crime.

Dr. Robert Duncan is going to talk to you factually, about the technology and the possible intent of this program. I would also like to give my personal testimony to discuss the neural ethical implications of this horror, the crime and the human rights violations, and discuss possible solutions that we can all implement together, like neuro ethical human rights legislation.

I’m not going to pretend to be any type of expert on this technology. This is why I’ve asked Dr. Robert Duncan to present to you today, but like all the other victims, hundreds of thousands around the world, we have a story to tell. Many of you invited tonight are neuro scientists, engineers, professors, students from local technology schools in the area as well as human rights groups, and local Congress. Our hope is that you will find this information relevant, believable, and help us to find solutions. You need to know, that not only could this technology be used to drug, rape, and torture innocent civilians around the world, it is being used to do so, and it has possibly been used for decades.

I, Alison Amy Ireland, solemnly affirm that by all that is sacred and righteous that my testimony is given free without coercion, and that this is the whole truth, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. I’m a 38 year old businesswoman in medical sales, and a mother of three small children.

On October 2015, I began being harassed with something that is referred to as psychotronics microwave auditory hearing effect, silent sound which bypasses the ears, v2k voices, synthetic telepathy. Since then they have stolen the past three and a half years of my life.

It started overnight with people talking in my head sometimes as loud as someone in the room next to me. They use standard scripts to traumatize and document responses, they would in the very beginning kept me up for days on end, not eating, not sleeping, screaming the most horrible, disgusting things you can even imagine.

All day long 24/7, they would keep me up. They would sexually harass me, belittle me, stripping me my dignity as a woman. All of us experiencing this, and I’ve spoken with dozens, possibly hundreds that hear exactly the same things repeated. They hear we hear our voices our thoughts repeated back, we hear voices of others responding to our thoughts, we hear them narrating what we’re doing throughout the day, we literally do not have a private thought in our head or a private moment with our families.

I want it to be on the record that I do not take any drugs recreational or pharmaceutical and I have no history of mental illness or depression. Sometimes, I have asked something that I don’t know the answer to. They will respond and I will look it up and I will find that the answer is correct. Not only do they repeat what I say in my head but they will add colorful adjectives and edit my thoughts at times.

Like Ewen Cameron developed back in the 50s I am suggesting two automated messages psychic driving technique repeated over and over again on a loop I know often it is AI in my head but I also sometimes I feel like I hear actual people talking as well they use scripts to deceive and control sometimes they will play music recite riddles sometimes you hear things as trivial as discussions on what they are ordering for lunch or how long their shift is this is something I have personally been experiencing for three and a half years on January 2 in January 2016 on my January 13th on my 35th birthday I was drugged for the first time with what I now believed to be a bio frequency used to generate a drugged state for almost a full year nine months I was drugged every other day I’d go one day feeling completely normal organically like myself and then the next day like I ate a sheet of acid this went on and off for nine months one day on one day off one day on one day off then it just stopped completely I was totally back to normal again with an exception for three very specific times when I was drugged remotely like a Pavlovian dog when I tried to do something to raise awareness of what was happening when I went to the FBI or when I organized a conference for victims to come together to figure out what was happening and figure out what we could all do together this is not how paranoid schizophrenia or any type of mental illness works I have learned that MIT the home of the US Army super soldier has developed such a drug delivery system luckily I experimented with LSD in college only about four to five times not enough according to medical experts for a flashback but at least I know knew what I was feeling was a simulation of being on a hallucinogenic and that I was not insane you want to tell your children just say no to drugs but then again I feel like maybe they should experiment in college in case they get drugged remotely by the government or whoever does this to people so they don’t end up in a mental hospital the rest of this is gonna sound crazy and I promise if it did not happen to me personally I would not believe a word of it but I have also seen a hologram of a cartoon character in my room and I was raped once was something that rocked her duncan refers to as no touch simulated rape through EEG heterodyning where you feel as though you were being sexually assaulted for trauma-based mind control but no one is in the room with you some victims are raped by this technology daily all day these are all identical experiences that I have heard by countless other victims I have also had what I believe to be manipulated dreams I was told that it takes 90 minutes to fall into REM sleep those of us on this cybernetic hivemind program will fall asleep and wake up fall asleep within five seconds having a very vivid dream that seems like you’re watching a movie either seeing things like being attacked by a bald eagle or looking in the mirror my eye becomes a camera lens or I pull a chip out of my nose that says USA or they show me such horrific things of my own family that literally makes me cry for weeks and makes me thank God that I am aware of what is happening and I know in my heart that is not my own subconscious and that I could never create something so horrific in my own mind recently within the past year I have also been tortured with what I believe to be emotional manipulation this has just been happening to me within the past year organically I made very happy up the outgoing person I normally just go on with my day then all of a sudden like somebody is literally turning on and off a light switch I start to scream and cry and shake uncontrollably while simultaneously the voices call repeats in my head kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself it lasts it lasts for about an hour and it feels and then some feels like somebody is literally just turning it off and I snapped back to normal when I asked why are you doing this the beat UK or voice in my head says we want you to know what they have been doing to people remotely for decades the schmeared off-patent used by the CIA with subliminal in the 50s using subliminal messaging to broadcast rage fear and manipulate human behavior as I mentioned I am NOT going to make any claims about this technology whether I’m implanted with chips whether it’s smart dust nanotechnology or frequency done remotely I will leave that to the experts I just want to share my experience and the parallel experience of so many others around the world and talk about what we can all do about it together a few other things that may or may not be relevant I have been told that I might have been victimized by this technology as nonsensical as it is because of my career in medical sales I was with American Medical Systems who was then acquired by Boston Scientific when this first started happening selling neurologic with a you not neurologic implants I lost a really good job due to the attacks of being drugged every other day for nine months and having my performance suffer I struggled since then to get back on track professionally hopping around to a few different companies I have somehow been able to though remain gainfully employed struggling every day to work through whatever I am going through provide for my family and raise my three small children and in my limited free time do what I can to expose these crimes I currently work for a company allergen pharmaceuticals selling Botox for overactive bladder again in urology with a hue neurology but Allegan does work in neurology and I have and has mental health medication salesmen mental health medication as well maybe this is relevant maybe it isn’t but as a mind-control victim I question everything in my life since many mentoring candidate victims are mind-control to believe that big pharma is doing it to them I’ve been told that my employment could have something to do with it maybe I’m being set up I do believe that the company I work for now does not realize that they may be profiting off victims of this technology and I’d like to find a way to credibly raise awareness someday with my employer I believe every day I am helping people personally improve their quality of life with therapeutic Botox so at this time I do not see an issue personally with my profession I’ve also been told that I could be in this program because of my identical twin daughters or my Jewish lineage Josef Mengele and other World War two scientists did experiment on multiples this was one of the first questions in the symptom survey bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe some NSA whistleblowers that are helping us conducted back in 2017 are you a multiple paternal identical I do believe this is relevant many people also believe that this illuminati or freemason association supposedly there has some connection with a monarch mind control style torture they do Nazi Germany and this Illuminati group honestly I and I do think that many victims and perpetrators committing these cry actually do buy into this stuff but honestly I think that it is irrelevant whatever excuse or justification people are making to torture other people is irrelevant the point is that people are torturing other people with technology they are remotely drugging raping torturing and murdering this is like Nazi Germany you know they were actually able to get neighbors to torture other neighbors you know this is covert and done remotely but you know history does have a tendency to repeat itself so that I think honestly the most important thing that we do right now is expose what is happening and try together to find solutions and establish neuro ethical legislation to protect our brains from being hacked the first psychiatrist I ever went she was named Wendy Olsen Mauro the Hitchcock clinic in Hudson New Hampshire’s he set me on the right track she said you do not have any mental illness do you know anybody that works for the government this was before I learned about this phenomenon and I thought this was such a strange bizarre question I saw her twice January 26 2016 in February 24th 2016 I then got a bizarre phone call that she had died and I needed to see someone else they sent me to another psychiatrist who has been pushing a medication that is actually made by the company I work for now then I learned that the sales rep for the specific medication now has the job that I had when I first started getting tortured by this technology selling urologic implants at Boston Scientific the year that I lost my job when I was drugged maybe this is all complete coincidence but I felt like it was bizarre enough to mention and you know sometimes I do wonder if we are moved around like chess pieces for some sort of game that we don’t understand also working and organizing and strategizing with this group of victims can be sat challenging for us all in itself this group of victims trying to organize and fight back you know I believe we are mind-controlled not to trust each other so we don’t unite and work together I’ve actually been told that my voice was used in the heads of others telling them that I for some reason am the one that is doing this to them there is power in numbers especially in groups that are organizing organized and productive so I believe that to keep us from being productive and fighting back they mind-control us to fight with each other or worse think that you know we’re doing this to each other I’m sure they are there are also hired infiltration to keep things unproductive as well the point is that we need your help outside of this community of victims it is important for anyone watching this to know that this event was not sponsored by a company or organization it was sponsored entirely financed by the hard-earned money of a woman who was working to struggle through what she’s experiencing and finding a way to expose what is happening for her and her family and thousands of others around the world the truth is I personally have no idea why I was targeted for this crime maybe it is just a random cross-section of the population for experimentation I am an innocent hard-working taxpaying American who has committed no crimes I was not an activist prior to being harassed by this technology I know no one that works for the government and I have no enemies that I can think of I had no reason to make this up and I want nothing more to than to expose what they are doing to protect my children and to make a better tomorrow for everyone my small children have also experienced this voice to scold technology specifically my son aged seven this is documented at the pediatrician when he was three he came to me and my husband and said I hear a voice talking in my head is said not to look mommy but I didn’t listen because I love you two two three other times since then he has also come to me saying mommy they’re doing it to me again they’re talking in my head per the advice of other victims I’ve gotten scanned by a private investigator named Melinda kidder at Columbia investigations in Columbia Missouri she is the leading private investigator regarding these matters scans indicate elevated e.l.f EMF frequency emissions coming from specific registered to academic institutions government agencies companies hired by government agencies public broadcast stations educational broadband services providers broadband internet providers for collaborative research many of us who have also gotten this h SCOTUS scan have shown frequencies registers the same academic institutions agencies and companies who could possibly be defendants in it supporter class-action possibly someday I live in New Hampshire but the frequencies are registered to institutions and companies all over the United States and the victims of this growing crime are all over the world I believe this is what was used to torture me with psychotronics sound and a bio frequency simulation to generate a drugged state by a remote signaling device whether reliable evidence or not a toxicologist named held a grand standing of Integrative Health Solutions also gave me a skin patched in hair follicle test that revealed evidence that I was being harassed by nanotechnology my husband and my friends can all support my claim the most important thing to me is to expose this to protect my family my family and victims worldwide I’m sure you were also familiar with the recent story of the cute American diplomats in Cuba suffering the hearing loss from the sonic attacks my four-year-old daughter was born with something called auditory neuropathy I believe there is a chance this also might be related she was born with this crippling hearing loss right before I started getting tortured with this technology I found clinical articles that show how low wave frequencies like the ones being admitted from me can damage the hair and the inner ear causing this type of hearing loss she is crippled for life and forced to wear bilateral hearing aids the Hoffer report on the diplomats did suggest that 30 to 40 percent of the diplomats did experience permanent hearing loss as well I hired another investigator who has been able to dig further into the Federal Communications Commission database for frequencies found on me and I’ve also been able to obtain a full comprehensive list of companies and institutions not only the companies and institutions but specific names phone numbers and addresses of these individuals licensed to these frequencies I have reached out to each and every one of them I’ve done everything that I can possibly think of up to this point I have been to the FBI the State Police the local police I went back to the FBI recently and this time instead of getting drugged like I was the first time gonna went they actually did open an investigation for me and gave me a case number I have emailed called and sent certified letters to over a hundred civil rights class actions personal injury lawyers but for whatever bizarre reason I have not been able to obtain anyone I have contacted emailed or gone in person ACLU fusion center DARPA and also desperately trying to get a meeting with my local Congress most importantly my story is not unique and is trivial in compared to the atrocities of so many others around the world by this remote technology this is a silent crime as I said incomplete plausible deniability the assailants the victims are gaslighted mean to appear mentally ill these crimes against humanity are so horrific and I feel these are the biggest threat that our society faces today what we need is to raise public awareness overall awareness and discuss neuro ethical human rights legislation that we can implement to protect our minds from these attacks please pays attention also when Duncan covers Project Blue Beam this is the rumor you know and this is again conspiracy theory was supposedly leaked by NASA some sort of staged apocalyptic alien invasion religious rapture using this technology you know we know victims of this technology the technology in place subliminal mind-control voices in your head holograms a frequency that makes you feel like you’re on LSD making you more susceptible as a subliminal mind control so all these tools in their tool bag right so this is of course a conspiracy you know but knowing that this technology exists you know what if we were the guinea pigs the you know pilot program for before this is rolled out on the general public you know I’m hoping obviously this is just a conspiracy theory but literally knowing about this technology and what’s happening to people could literally save your life what boggles my mind and obviously the minds of others is if the technology does exist right for people’s brains to be hacked remotely why is there still crime why does it seem that this technology is being used to torture innocent people driving them to homicide or suicide you know I want you to if you aren’t familiar look up the stories of you know people like Myra Mae Aaron Alexis all of these mass shooters where it comes out after that they had voices in their head that led them to do it all of the suicides of the victims of this technology the only conclusion I can think of as to ranged as the scenes is that maybe they want things to get as bad you know so bad that we all accept 1984 Minority Report future without a private thought in her head or a private moment in our families you know as a welcome order from the chaos that they might create hopefully again conspiracy theory today we have invited 5,000 professors students local human rights groups bioethics groups mental health professionals local Congress in the general public the ad in the globe it’s a circulation of 225 thousand myself as well as other volunteers have been being remotely tortured have been tirelessly sending emails handing out fliers putting up billboards organizing events like this I have participated in dozens of symptom surveys and affidavit collection endeavors bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe and I say whistleblowers helped us collect data in 2017 in a symptom survey that we need help analyzing this data these admirable whistleblowers along with Robert Duncan and many many others are helping us expose these crimes but we need more outside help we have all this data collected and we need experts like yourself to help us organize it and prevent it present it in a professional way I’m also handing out a document that outlines an amazing neural ethical specific neuro specific Human Rights proposal by dr. Marcelo ANCA and dr. Roberto and Nardo endure no obviously I’m sure that these are probably all things discussions that you were having already in your neuro ethics and bioethics classes but it’s important for you to hear our stories hear our side the testimonies of the victims the fact that you are here today is a step in the right direction knowing that we have no cognitive Liberty knowing that anyone anywhere can access share manipulate what’s in your brain at any time or worse torture you remotely is not okay we are not Lab Rats we are people who should have the right to cognitive Liberty mental privacy mental integrity psychological continuity so should everyone around the world we need your help students of MIT professors and others watching future neuro scientists and engineers human rights groups in Congress please help us make tomorrow more bioethical than today please if you’d like to get involved networking correspond I will provide my personal email and cell phone to anyone dr. Robert Duncan has also said that he would provide his contact information let’s work together let’s fine figure out how we can help make things better tomorrow for our children that’s all I want to say thank you